The 4th SMF begins with the launch of Sabang Yacht Club
Launching Sabang Yacht Club Humas BPKS

Management Board of Sabang Free Port and Free Trade Zone (BPKS) has just rolled the fourth installment of Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) on April 26th 2018. This annual yacht event begins with the launch of Sabang Yacht Club at CT 1 port. Agus Salim, Commercial and Investment Deputy, speaking on behalf of the head of […]

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Welcome Dinner

All the yachters will be welcomed as honored guests of Aceh at a Welcome Dinner ceremony where there will be special Sabang Cuisine, introductions, story telling, singing and traditional dances.

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The Launch of the Sabang Yacht Club

Be a part of launching the Sabang Yacht Club to mark Sabang and Weh Island as an important yachting and cruise ship destination on the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal, a stepping off point for sailing from Indonesia to India especially the Nicobar Islands.

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