To increase the yachts activities in Sabang, the Management Board of Free Port and Trade Zone of Sabang (BPKS) held again a Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) 2018. The event which themed “Sabang- Golden Marine Tourism Triangle” will be held on April 26th- 30th, 2018.

Organised by the BPKS, the annual festival’s main objective is to promote the Sabang area as an international marine destination, said Sayid Fadhil, the head of BPKS. At least, there are 22 yachts that have confirmed will participate in SMF 2018 during a press conference at the Ministry of Tourism last week.

The latest data from SMF VI organiser, until Monday (23/04/18), 6 yachts has arrived in Sabang Bay to participate in the event. The number of participants is estimated to keep arriving by the day H. “Our target is there will be 25 yachts to come to this year event,” added Sayid Fadhil.

To boost the number of participants of SMF 2018, BPKS in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism has made a promotion to Malaysia on April 3rd – 8th 2018. Both of board held a roadshow in Langkawi and Pangkor, Malaysia, to convince yacht communities in neighboring countries to take part in this year SMF.

The thing is, this event will be much more different from the previous. First, this event will be coupled with other cultural events, Khanduri Laot Festival. Khanduri Laot is an Acehnese annual event in expressing gratitude to God for all the fishes that sea has given to them. This event is really relevant to the purpose of SMF implementation, because it becomes a tourist attraction of its own culture when thousands of tourists are docking to Sabang.

In addition, the special thing at SMF 2018, there will be a launch of Sabang Yacht Club, a special club of yacht and cruise tour enthusiasts. This is a follow-up to develop the Golden Triangle SaPhuLa shipping route or the golden triangle among Sabang (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand), and Langkawi (Malaysia) for international yacht and cruise shipping lines.

SMF 2018 will be opened on April 26th at Port CT-1 Bay Sabang, Sabang City. Over the next few days, various attractions are presented, ranging from the performance of Acehnese arts and culture, traditional games for tourists, paramotor show, yacht parade, khanduri laot, city tour of Sabang and Banda Aceh, to fun bikes.

Chairman of the Maritime Tourism Development Acceleration Team Dwisuryo Indroyono Soesilo said that the SMF event series from year to year also Sail Sabang 2017 has given positive results in promoting Sabang to the international world.

“This has been proved by the increasing number of foreign tourists visit through sea routes such as using cruise ship and yacht,” said Indroyono Soesilo. Based on Ministry of Tourism data, there are at least 17 yachts participating the first SMF, then to 20 yachts by 2016, and up to 23 yachts at SMF 2017.

Meanwhile, BPKS projecting, this year Sabang Region should be visited at least 61 yachts, 9 cruise ships, and 6.210 divers, or a total of 29 thousand foreign tourists. While in 2019 is targeted to reach 76 yachts, 10 cruise ships, and 10.736 divers, therefore it is accumulated to 38.681 foreign tourists.[]

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