SABANG – Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) 2018 was officially opened by Honorary Advisor of the Minister of Tourism  RI, Indroyono Susilo, on Friday (April 27th, 2018) afternoon at Sabang Fair Arena, Sabang city.

Indroyono in his speech representing the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia said, the central government continues to support the development of Sabang Zone as the axis of international marine tourism in the western end of Indonesia, especially for tourism stake holders yachts and cruise ships.

Yachties SMF 2018
Local dancer is giving Ranup (tradisional medicine) on SMF 2018 opening.

Sabang Marine Festival which is held regularly by the Management Board of Free Port and Trade Zone of Sabang (BPKS) since 2015, according Indroyono this is the right step to realizing the dream.

Last year on the Sail Sabang performances, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, wanted after Sail Indonesia in Sabang, there will be a collaboration of three countries to produce these shipping Golden Triangle SaPhuLa or the golden triangle between Sabang (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand) and Langkawi ( Malaysia) for cruise lines and cruise yachts internationally.

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Thanks God this year immediately greeted BPKS and Sabang Government, which is held the Sabang Marine Festival fourth. It’s very good moment as people can take this opportunity to boost the economy,” said Indroyono.

Chairman of the Committee SMF 2018, Sayid Fadhil, BPKS is in cooperation with the Government continue to boost the Sabang  tourism, Sabang is one of the amazing marine tourism destination in the world. SMF performances became one BPKS efforts to promote Sabang  continuously to the world.

This year we are targeting there will be 1.1 million foreign tourists to visit Sabang,” said Sayid Fadhil, whose also the Head of BPKS.

He said the previous day, BPKS launched Sabang Yacht Club to start the SMF 2018, Yacht club to addressed to the international community to continue invite the other yachter to travel Pulau Weh through the Golden Triangle SaPhuLa.

“We inviting you to continue to promote Sabang to other friends yachter ,” said Sayid.

After the inauguration, the SMF 2018 continues with a variety of other activities until April 30th , 2018. Although this event was only followed by 11 yachts with 30 participants, the enthusiasm of the people are so intense to watch every activity of SMF, as shown in the Cultural Arts Night which takes place in Sabang Fair on Friday night, which presents a number of local artists.[]


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