Located in a strategic location, Sabang as the westernmost edge island of indonesia has opened the eyes of the global community. Even long ago, Weh Island has a number of natural charms and cultures which then became the attractions for tourism industry sector and international trade. Management Board of Sabang Free Port and Free Trade Zone (BPKS) saw Sabang as a strategic point for world yachts community sail line.

BPKS then built Marina Lhok Weng Dock as a terminal for yachts tour boats, then held Sabang Marine Festival since 2015. The board which formed in 2000 utilized the yachts route in Langkawi, Malaysia, and Phuket, Thailand. On the first event, it was only joined by 17 yachties from various countries. On Sabang Marine Festival II, the yachts participants increased three digits became 20 yachties.

The enormous enthusiasm of world yachties on the first first and the second Sabang Marine Festival has grown the encouragement of BPKS to make Weh Island as yachts (sail boats) and cruise ship tourist destination center. The event participants are requested to promote the potential of Sabang yachts tourism to the world community.

BPKS has continued to explore the cooperation with the world yachts tourists, including the yachts community of Langkawi and Phuket. The result, the number of yacht participants on Sabang Marine Festival III has increased to become 26 yachties. Some of the participants on the third year festival are the yachties in the previous events.

Sabang Marine Festival is intended to attract world yachts community’s attention. This annual event played as a hook for international yachts community to come in Aceh waters, especially Sabang. Moreover, BPKS has run one door service permit procedure which makes foreign tourists visit easier. It is expected that the yachties not only come to Sabang due to Sabang Marine Festival event, but also on the other days.