Seven tourists in age 60 years old from different countries, hold a rope tightly to not to be drawn off to the opposide team who are citizens of Sabang. People who thronged Sabang city Playground Field cheering both of teams.

While Score already 1-1. The sky began to dim. Come on! Come on! Get it win! Shout yacties female friend from the edge of the arena.

After a few seconds hold, Glen Horne the Sailor chairman gestured the Team members to immediately snaps in one pull. Without delay, red tape opponents withdrawn crossed the line wins. They also cruised into the finals to face Tim municipal police Sabang.

Thus, a glimpse of excitement yachties transcontinental follow a series of activities on the third day Sabang Marine Festival (SMF), 2018. Earlier, 30 yachties participants SMF see the attraction in the sea customary Khanduri laot Festival held by the Sabang Government at Port CT 3.

After noon, they follow the race traditional game in the Playground field. This is an exciting activity for the foreign tourists in every single event of SMF since 2015. The yachtiesalways take part. They want to feel the experience of enjoying the traditional games who are typically held every Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th.

In the fourth SMF, the team yachties follow Tug of War Competition (Tarik Tambang) for men and for women Sack Race (Balap Karung) Competition. They collided agile with the local community. In this event they also use to interact with the citizens of Sabang. 

In the final round Tarik Tambang, Sailor Team defeated. But they received a rousing applause from the people who watch since noon. “The Caucasians plays the games in a fair play and very entertaining,” said resident Sabang. []

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