David dan Edwin
A yachties David entertains Edwin Sukandar at Playground.

There are a lot of story of emotion on the sidelines of Sabang Marine Festival 2018. The yachties secretly handed prizes to some of the residents of Sabang.

Sailor Team members include yachties, follow Tug of War (Tarik Tambang) Competition in order to enliven the SMF on Saturday.

During the race folk games in the Playground, some members of the Sailor Team was sympathetic to a young man in a wheelchair, Edwin Sukandar (33). Edwin accompanied by her mother, Prihatini Widya Ningsih, faithful witnessed the event from the start till the end of the games.

Every start or finish each games, the foreigners were approached and comfort Edwin. Edwin was very excited, especially when Sailor Team in action.

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Round and round passed by Sail Team. Until they won after losing to local teams in the final round. The committee gave a number of prizes to the winners of two, one refrigerator. Sailor Team, led by Glenn Horne (55), and they donated the prize to several residents.

Edwin Sukandar’s mother is residents of the Village of Kuta Ateuh, Sabang get a refrigerator from them. Hopefully, the refrigerators can facilitate and help the mother to store the food. The yachties value his mother, Prihatini, which very persistent take care of him with the disability.

“The mother is devotedly to his son, as long as we stay in Sabang we often see the mother was carrying him around,” said Glenn, after giving a gift to Edwin’s mother in Sabang Imperial Yacht Club, in the area of Port CT1.

Price Contest Sabang Marine Festival 2018
Sail Team is giving a gift to Edwin’s mother on Sunday, April 29.

According to Glenn, the struggle Prihatini be an example to other mothers. Not easy being a mother, let alone had to care for and raise a child with special needs such as Edwin.

“Not every mother like her, so we really respect it,” said Glenn.

Prihatini is very grateful for the attention of the Sabang Sailor Team Marine Festival 2018. She was pleased to have the gift, because it would be very useful for her and Edwin. She was also pleased with the event SMF, because residents can see the tourist activity even mingle with them.

Hence to Prihatini, Sailor Team also awarded prizes to three other residents: July Sartika, Iwan and Zakaria. They were rated sincere in caring for the environment. The yachties often pay attention to the three residents clean up the environment in the Gulf Sabang beach region where the ship were leaning.[]


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