Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) agendas began since April 19-23 2017. The event which also a pre-event of Sail Sabang 2017 has ran well and entertained enough for many domestics and foreign visitors.

Actually, SMF III activities have begun on Monday April 17 2017, during the day some yachts started to dock on CT1 BPKS port, at Sabang Bay. The process started when yachts arriving in Sabang need to register with the CIQP (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Port) and Port Administrator and Authority (KSOP) team at One Stop Service in BPKS area. Plus by Visa on Arrival process, the enter permit process for yachties takes only an hour.

The third installment of SMF has welcomed 26 yachties from around the world which represented five continents; Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Some of them are Mariposa (Jerman), Restless (Australia/Perancis), Morning Star (USA/Thai), Emmalina (UK), Drifter (Belanda), Tompa (UK/Thai), Roke (UK/Filipina), Aku Ankka (USA/Kanada), Saltire (Australia), Katydid (USA/Kanada), Kiwi Dream (Aus/New Zealand), Verve (Aus), Umadum (Austria/Rusia), Pateke (New Zealand), Carrie (Belanda), Tramontana (Swedia), Aeventyr (USA), Reflection (USA), and Nanok (Denmark).

The chairman of BPKS, Fauzi Husin, said “SMF will be an annual calendar for Aceh government via BPKS to promote marine tourism, moreover after Sabang Port has appointed as a gateway for cruise ships and yachts in Indonesia which in line with presidential regulation No. 105 of 2015 on foreign tourist ships visit to Indonesia.

According to Fauzi Husin, Sabang Marine tourism has developed significantly, including cruise ships and yachts visit. In SMF III, Sabang has welcomed 26 yachts, which compared to only 20 yachts and 11 cruise ships in SMF II and 17 yachts in SMF I, respectively. This positive trend is inseparable from the promotion of BPKS and Aceh government as well as the Sabang Marine Festival yachties from previous year.

“The yachties participants of SMF are expected to be agent of promotion for world yachts community”, He said to the yachties and invited guests in SMF III opening ceremony at the Sabang Fair Arena in Aceh.

The SMF III participants during April 18-24 2017 have participated in various activities which quite open minded and, of course, entertaining. Started with Gala Dinner ceremony at Aula (a hall) BPKS on 18 April night, the next day they took the city tour to Marina Lhok Weng Port which were presented colossal dance performances. On the following day, the yachties took Tour de Sabang, visiting school and “Abad Kejayaan Sabang” Museum.

Then they joined the opening ceremony of Sabang Marine Festival III at Sabang Fair Arena. Here, they were entertained by local arts performances. Some yachties were dancing with the dancers. Towards the end of the ceremony, paramotor surrounding the Sabang City sky by laying Sabang Marine Festival III flag.

The yachties engaged the locals in various folk competitions on Saturday and Sunday. They participated in Lompat Karung (sack jump), Tarik Tambang (Tug of War), Balap Bakiak (Clogs Racing), and Panjat Pinang (Climbing slippery Pole) at Yos Sudarso Field Sabang. They also compete in Lomba Dayung (Paddle Rowing) on Sabang Bay, in front of CT 1 deck.

Arts and cultural attractions performed by Aceh and Sabang artists also entertained them and the locals on Friday and Saturday nights. The last, the yachties took the Tsunami City Tour to Banda Aceh on Monday April 24 2017.

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