Launching Sabang Yacht Club Humas BPKS
Source: BPKS

Management Board of Sabang Free Port and Free Trade Zone (BPKS) has just rolled the fourth installment of Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) on April 26th 2018. This annual yacht event begins with the launch of Sabang Yacht Club at CT 1 port.

Agus Salim, Commercial and Investment Deputy, speaking on behalf of the head of BPKS, Sayid Fadhil, said that Sabang Yacht Club is a forum for international yachties associations. This yacht tour community becomes a space for interaction with other fellow yachties and cruisers to meet, do conferences, join voyages, and collaborate with other yacht clubs in other countries.

“We hope that Sabang Yacht Club will be similar to the club in our neighboring countries such as those in Pangkor (Thailand) and Langkawi (Malaysia) which was named Langkawi Yacht Club.”

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Agus said before the yachties participants. He added, “Sabang Yacht Club will be a new business unit in BPKS body aiming to promote Sabang as a destination to the world’s yacht community in order to boost Sabang economic beats”.

Agus pointed out that the existence of the yacht club will open job opportunities to the community of Sabang, especially for tour guides and locals. “Because this thing needs a full service for all the yachties’ needs, like gas and license ,” he said.

BPKS in the near future will manage Sabang Yacht Club, so it will have an important role to attract the international yachties who cross the westernmost of Indonesia.[]

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