The series activity of Sabang Marine Festival are bring exciting stories each year. In the event this year, the yachties provides the opportunity for local residents to feel the sensation of sailing yachts.

Beach House 57, a catamaran yacht from Australia, one of the 16 yachts participants SMF 2018, inviting local residents to join in the activities Yachts Parade, on Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

Yachts Parade has become a regular activity during the SMF. The whole yachties with the ship and her crew will each be around Pulau Weh from Port CT 1 to dock at the Port Marina Lhok Weng.

At 13:00 pm, John David Jackson, Captain of Beach House 57, pick up Sabang citizens who will join the parade with the lifeboat. Boat parked in front of Sabang Bay CT 1, he was docked to the jetty (floating dock) in Pasiran Beach, Kuta Bawah Village, Sabang.

Beach House 57 SMF 2018
Beach House 57 as parking in Sabang Bay.

Linda and her daughter Naynara very glad, so they were greeted by David’s wife, Rita, in their luxury yacht. There were five other people who sail with them.

Beach House 57, belonging to a 60 years old of married couple from Brisbane, Australia. They arrived at Sabang on April 22, after sailing from Langkawi, Malaysia.

According to organizers SMF 4, Beach House 57 is the most luxurious yachts in the performance of this year’s festival. She uses 20 GT engine, with an area of hull 17 x 8 meters.

Kabin Beach House
Main Cabin of Beach House 57.

Rita is very welcomed to the citizens. He immediately took Linda et al. see the contents of the ship. In the main cabin, the rows of sofas facing the tail of the ship, with a view of the ocean. The main cabin is equipped with a range of facilities to support the comfort of the passengers.

On one side of the cabin, David showed large-size LED TV of about 50 inches. TV was mounted of wooden windows, which can be opened up to 180 degrees, until we could watch if a passenger sitting on the rear deck. Wow!

Rita then shows the interior of the left and right downstairs of the ship. There is a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom VIP, and bedrooms for guests.

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Luxury accommodation in the middle of the sea, said Linda describes the Beach House 57. “they are amazing right, honeymoon every day,” chirped Linda.

Beach House 57 has entered the first year of voyage. They had stopped at several ports in the Asia Pacific region. David and Rita sail to enjoy old age.

Rita will be traveled by Beach House 57 up to three years. While her husband may take more longer, she said.

“We’re saving money while still working, then after our retirement where are we going? Yes, we chose adventure with the yacht, said Rita.

During the parade of yachts from Sabang Bay to Marina Lhok Weng, Rita treat residents with friendly service. She talks a lot, drink together, to selfie together, to satisfy passengers.

“I’m going to Australia with Mama Rita,” said Evan Boy, going to post a picture with Rita in social media.

“You want to sail with us? Want to choose which room?” Rita bargain for Evan.

“Free. But you have to cook!” Said Rita, a joke.

Rita and David
Rita and her husband David.

They laughed. The ship then entered the Gulf of Lhok Weng, to rely on the Port Marina, after sailing almost an hour. The port is specifically made BPKS as a terminal for yachts.

After all the yachts docked, the committee welcomed the yachties with colossal dance performed by teenagers dancers from Sabang. The event lasted until late afternoon. Then they returned to the bay of Sabang for dinner.[]

Story by Makmur Dimila
English by Ayu R.


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