Aku Ankka Achieve Golden Award Certificate
Golden Certificate to Aku Ankka

Glenn Horne very curious about Pulau Weh. Because according to Great Britain Publishing, Sabang nicknamed is The Golden Island and had become most wanted to visit of 501 islands in the world. He along with his wife Erja Vasumaki, finally decided to enjoy old age by sailing to Pulau Weh. Knowing there would be held […]

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Sabang residents Exhilarate Sailing with Yachties
Penumpang Beach House

The series activity of Sabang Marine Festival are bring exciting stories each year. In the event this year, the yachties provides the opportunity for local residents to feel the sensation of sailing yachts. Beach House 57, a catamaran yacht from Australia, one of the 16 yachts participants SMF 2018, inviting local residents to join in […]

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Yachties Donates Prize Contest to Disability
David dan Edwin

There are a lot of story of emotion on the sidelines of Sabang Marine Festival 2018. The yachties secretly handed prizes to some of the residents of Sabang. Sailor Team members include yachties, follow Tug of War (Tarik Tambang) Competition in order to enliven the SMF on Saturday. During the race folk games in the […]

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