Glenn Horne very curious about Pulau Weh. Because according to Great Britain Publishing, Sabang nicknamed is The Golden Island and had become most wanted to visit of 501 islands in the world.

He along with his wife Erja Vasumaki, finally decided to enjoy old age by sailing to Pulau Weh. Knowing there would be held the Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) in 2016, the pair sailor from the United States was taking a cruise to Weh Island for the first time with their boat, Sailing Yacht (SY) Aku Ankka. Previously they only sail to Phuket or Langkawi.

During the course of SMF 2016 on April 26th  to 30th , Glenn absolutely fell in love with the natural beauty and hospitality of the people of Sabang. At that time he told the media:

“We will promote Sabang to yacht world community after returning to our home country.”

Glenn said as cited in Aceh Tourism Magazine.

Glenn kept his promise. On the SMF 2017, the number of participants increased from 19 yachts in the previous year to 22 units yacht. Even himself back in participating with Erja. He also returned to become “promotional agency” for the festival next year.

Agus Salim, Head of SMF 2018 Committee said, BPKS cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of RI making a roadshow in Malaysia on April 3th  to 8th last month, to promote the event to the yacht community in Langkawi and Pangkor. Some former participants SMF helped, one of them is Glenn Horne.

Glenn dan Erja
Glenn and Erja with the local were sitting down at their Aku Ankka on SMF 2017.

This year, Glenn and Erja are still using the same fleet, Aku Ankka, sailing yachts with the power of 8 GT. They departed from Langkawi along with SY. Lady Ann and arrived at Sabang on April 20th , 2018.

Glenn indirectly become a Team Leader for all yachties participants of SMF IV, during 26th to 30th  April 2018. He is also the current leader of the Sailor Team of folk games.

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For this reason, BPKS give special appreciation for the Captain Aku Ankka at the farewell dinner. Actually all the yachties are rewarded with a plaque, certificate, souvenir and certificate as a participant Sabang Marine Festival 2018.

But especially to Glenn and Erja, BPKS give the Golden Certificate. The committee found out that both of them are very decent to awarded it because they have been participated in Sabang Marine Festival for three times since 2016 and for the services they have been promote to other yachties.

Glenn after receiving the award said they were very happy during the SMF activities. “Sabang is the Golden Island are worth to be visited, because the water is clean, and have a beautiful nature also the people who very friendly. We really enjoyed it,” said Glenn.

He saw significant progress in Sabang, compared to the previous two years. He also appreciated BPKS for providing the best service to yachties, such as by providing one-stop service through QICP team so that the registration process is quick and easy.

He hoped SMF 2019 can be attended by more yachties especially nowadays there were Sabang Imperial Yacht Club.[]

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