Sabang bay seems so quite while some minivans picking up yachties participants of SMF III at CT1 Port. They have just had breakfast that served by the committee. Tens yachties would take a city tour entitled “Tour de Sabang”. Their trips were escorted by police patrol officers and members of RAPI Sabang.

“Abad Kejayaan Sabang” Museum on O Soerapati Street was their first spot to go. In this museum which was inaugurated in 2015, yachties were presented the historical glory of Sabang in 19 century. They could have a look at Sabang Free Port as the proof of its excellent functions ever since pre Dutch Colonial came to Indonesian sea.

From there, they would cross the street towards SDN 2 Sabang. Their visits were welcomed with rousing by the students. They enjoyed playing with the kids in the school yard. Then the students accompanied by teachers sang them the national anthem Indonesia Raya.

After that, the Tour de Sabang group was taken to Garuda Monument in front of Major Office of Sabang. They were showed the Sabang Bay panorama which formerly was a free trade port in 19 century, just like what they have seen before at Sabang Museum.

In the next stop, they were amazed by Sumur Tiga beach. The white sands beach with lining coconuts trees made the peaceful nuance for the guests. Then, they were taken to Japan Bunker, a World War II historical site, at Anoi Itam. They also paused a while at GT top hill for having photo shoots. Before lunch, they tracked to Jaboi Volcano crater, one of a wonder land of Weh Island.

Gua Sarang (a nest cave) became a pleased sight for the yachties eyes during lunch break. At this hits tourism site in Sabang, foreign tourists might play the swing, see the beach and hills sights, and some of them go down to the cave. From there, yachties were guided to 0 KM monument before ending the tour at Pria Laot Waterfall.

Hilbrand, a New Zealand yachties looks happy with the City Tour event. He took the moment to engage Sabang citizens closer.

“One of my most stealed attentions during the tour was about the infrastructure, like streets and buildings. I look carefully how people’s lives in Sabang”, Said Hillbrand.

He noted that he extremely impressed by the experience of visiting “Abad Kejayaan Sabang” Museum, Pria Laot Waterfall, and the hospitality of the citizens.

“There are many beautiful scenary in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, but when we talk about the people, how they treat the guests and tourists, Sabang citizens have treated them really well”, He said.

Lynita, an Australian yachties, has just visited Weh Island for the first time through SMF III event. She really excited joining Tour de Sabang. Usually, the yachties spend most of the times on the yachts. Therefore, it was very hard to explore the island and enjoy the natural scenary here. “But today we had a chance to travel around the island and it was so much fun”, She said.

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